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At the moment the preference is to fit either a Tado or a Nest smart system. These are both very good smart control systems that are truly as the name suggests – Smart. They are able to use weather reports to adjust the timings to warm up your house. Thus, when you get up, whether it is colder or warmer than the previous day, the smart system has calculated at what time to bring the heating system on to achieve your comfort heat at your stated time.Tado has a brilliant geographical feature that knows when you have left the house, and sets the temperature back to your set back temperature. Then when you approach home, it sends a signal to turn the system on so as the house is warm for your arrival. Particular good if you do not work set hours, and you are in and out of the house at varying and unpredictable times. This allows flexibility, comfort, and above all a cost saving on heating bills.

The Nest is brilliant in its own right. Well designed, it works more on people traffic, ie recognising someone is in the house, and building up a history to work out the most efficient use of the heating system.
With the Nest thermostat, you can add the Nest smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, and cameras. Very much aiming to the total house care package.