Heating Efficiency

With the continual rise in the cost of household bills it’s important to consider all opportunities to reduce monthly bills. We can advise you on efficiency solutions suitable for your property to keep your energy bills to a minimum as well as maintenance solutions which keep your system in tip-top condition, optimising efficiency and extending system life give you peace of mind.

A B Plumbing can help with all your domestic plumbing requirements, whether they are new installations, on-going maintenance, or emergency fixes for leaks and repairs.

My domestic services include installation, maintenance and repairs for the following:

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Programmers
  • Room Thermostats
  • Cylinders Thermostats
  • Boiler servicing and maintenance.
  • Magnetic filters
  • Power flushing
  • Inhibitors and cleaning
  • 2/3 Port valves.

Magnetic Filters

All forms of leaks and repairs dealt with from annoyances to emergencies:

  • Magnetic filters like the Magna Clean, or Fernox TF1 are brilliant at attracting material out of the system that otherwise would enter the boiler system, potentially causing damage and blockages.
  • By removing sludge, dirt, and magnalite you are able to run a much more efficient system

Magna Clean

Power flush and Radiators

Power flushing enables one to remove dirt that has built up in radiators over time, and stops radiators being as efficient as they were. Generally, a survey of the system is required first to see if it is suitable to power flush.  Then the system is flushed using a machine to direct water through the system,and with the aid of chemicals supplied by established companies as Sentinel, Fernox, or Adey, the dirt is removed from the system by powerful magnets attached to my power flushing machine

Power Flushing

Thermostatic Valves

From mixer showers to power showers, A.B. Plumbing can help with the installation of all aspects of showers, including the installation of trays and enclosures.

Thermostatic Valves

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